If you would like to get in touch with La Nozillière, please send an email to
nozilliere@hotmail.com or call +33 (0)5 553 633 90.

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La Nozillière is located at 720 kilometres from Calais in the hamlet L’Âge de Milhaguet (municipailty of Marval). This means a 7-hour drive taking you through Paris-Orleans-Limoges.

Click here for a route description. This route will take you to L’Âge. La Nozillière is within a stone’s throw from there. Coming from Cussac or Saint-Mathieu, you come across the yellow signs of La Nozillière in Milhaguet. TomTom sat navs allow you to enter L’Âge (street) in Marval (city).From Marval and L’Âge, follow yellow signs of La Nozillière.

The quickest route to La Nozillière is through Parijs. You may want to avoid the Périphérique and consider taking La Francillienne, the third ringroad around Paris.

Since La Nozillière is located in the centre of a regional natural park, several satnavs do not display the exact location of our campsite. Instead, try the following coordinates: 45.65443 / 0.78887 (45° 39' 15.9'' N 0° 47' 19.9'' O). From Marval, Saint-Mathieu, or Cussac, follow the yellow signs indicating La Nozillière.

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